Courses and Seminars

CMA Program

Our CMA program is 22 week triple certification program. You will spend 11 weeks in the classroom and then we will place you in a doctor's office for 160hours.


At the completion of this program students are eligible to take the AMCA national exam. Successful completion of this exam will grant you three certifications. You will be nationally certified as a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician and EKG Technician. 

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Mental Health Tech Program

Our Mental Health Program is 9 weeks long and will teach you the modern and historical treatments for mental disorders and disabilities.


Phlebotomy Tech Seminar: 8 Week course with the National Certification offered after completion of the course and hands on clinicals.

SPAM Tech Seminar: 9 Week program with a double certificate National Certification offered after completion of EKG and Phlebotomy hands-on clinicals.

IV Access and Infusion:

This is a one day course that will teach you how to establish an IV access line and administer fluids to a patient.

EKG Tech Seminar: 9 Week course with National Certification exam for EKG tech offered after completion of hands-on clinicals.